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Terms & Conditions

1: Owners are responsible to ensure their dog is up to date with all vaccinations, flea and worming treatments.

2: Owners must disclose to me any quality or characteristic that might make your dog unsuitable for walking or visits. This includes behaviour or health problems, antisocial behaviour; including aggression & excessive barking. Failure to disclose this information will be deemed as a breach of our agreement.

3: Owners are solely responsible for any harm or damage caused by their dog while it is under the care of Lead Me Home.

4: All dogs are subject to an initial assessment prior to using Lead Me Home. Lead Me Home reserves the right to decline admission to any dog that is deemed dangerous, disruptive or for any other reason.

5: Owners are responsible for any veterinary bills incurred and details of your vet will be completed on the Veterinary Release Form on the initial assessment. In an emergency I will make every effort to contact the owner and use the services of your vet but reserve the right to make decisions without verbal consent from the owner to ensure the immediate welfare of your dog.

6: Bitches in season may become unsuitable to walk in a group. I will not walk pregnant bitches.

If your dog is not neutered or spayed I will not be held responsible

if your dog impregnates or is impregnated by other dogs.

7: It is recommended that owners will have their dog fully insured

Lead Me Home reserves the right to refuse any dog that is uninsured.

8: Cancellations must be notified as far in advance as possible. Cancellations within 72 hours will be charged at 50%, cancellations made 24 hours before and on the day will be charged in full.


9: The owner gives consent for Lead Me Home to enter their home for the purpose of dog walking and other services. House keys will be kept securely and will not be kept with any booking paperwork. I can collect keys from a neighbour if you prefer. 

10: Lead Me Home reserve the right to call off a walk if the weather is deemed 

to dangerous and not in the dogs best interests. For example if there is extreme 

heat, gale force winds or storms I will use my judgement to call off the walk, if I call off the walk I will then take the dogs back to their houses and have playtime

with them. In the summer months when it is exceptionally hot I will walk 

the dogs early in the morning or late afternoon.

Lead Me Home works Monday to Friday and closed on bank holidays.

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