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Along with dog walking, I offer a range of services to help you and your dog. From Puppy Playtime to Pet Taxi I can help you out. Contact me with your requirements and we can go from there. Prices shown here as a guide.


     I can drive your pooch in my fully insured, air conditioned dog-mobile. Maybe they have a groomers appointment or an important vet visit but you can't get the time off work, I can carry them in my vehicle.

PUPPY PLAYTIME - £13 for 30mins

     I can offer support for your puppy starting with 'puppy playtime' where I can come to your home, play with your dog, give them some food/replenish water and build up towards getting them used to the car and other dogs via short walks, with the view of joining them into a group walk, when the time is right. Also look at my dog walking page Click Here.

HOME VISITS -  £13 for 30mins

     If you have a dog that can't get out and about due to age, a poorly leg or some other reason, allow me to come and visit them at your home. Like Puppy Playtime, I can give them a biscuit,   check their water, spend time with them and give them some love along with letting them into the garden for a comfort break this will break up their day and give you the reassurance that they have some company.   

Harlow, NewHall, Chuch Langley, Sawbridgeworth

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