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What would your dog love more than a good old walk whilst you are busy at work? Exercise and stimulation is important for a dogs well being. It is not only good for physical well-being but relieves stress and boredom. A tired dog is a happy dog. Prices shown as a guide. 

GROUP WALKS - £15 per Hour

     A one hour walk within a group of up to 4 dogs. This is a great chance for your friend to have some socialisation with like minded dogs, walk across glorious fields, local farm land or beautiful parks and have some off the lead playtime (when ready) and really stretch their legs. 


SOLO WALKS - £20 for 45mins 

     If your dog can't be walked with others then a solo walk might be suitable. Availability for solo walks is more limited and priority will be given to those dogs requiring a full time slot.


     You have a puppy, lucky you! I can offer support for your puppy starting with 'puppy playtime' where I can come to your home, play with your dog, give it some food & replenish water and build up towards getting them used to the car and other dogs via short walks, with the view of joining them to a group walk when the time is right.

PLEASE NOTE - All puppy walkies should be time limited. The best advice is to walk them for 5mins per each month of their age, so a 3 month old dog should have no more than a 15mins walk, a 6 month old dog should be getting around 30mins and a 12 month old getting an hour. This is to help their bodies develop properly over time.  

My availability for puppy playtime is also limited and priority will need to be given to those pups requiring a full time slot.

Harlow, NewHall, Chuch Langley, Sawbridgeworth

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